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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ha, I fucked a wheelchair bitch

so i am this lame party last night and everybody is much younger and talking about high school or college or something equally gay. its the usual 20 guys to one girl party. and one of the chicks is even in a wheelchair.

i start talking to her as first off she is staring at me and is drinking alot. after i get over there she is kinda cute. i snap a picture of her and she blushes asking if i am going to put her on the internet under ugly hadicap girls.

i lean on her chair, one hand on each railing, this puts me inches away from her face and whisper that i will put her on the internet under beautiful girls in wheelchairs if she gives me head tonight.

of course she blushes again and calls me silly, trying to look away, but coming back to meet my eye with a sexy smile, she winks and mouths the words "maybe" so nobody could hear her.

i noticed two things being that close. she has got great skin. smooth and tight. the second is that she smells good. a combination of fruity scents and pussy juices bubbling up to the surface.

she points to her drink and motions me to grab her chair and steer her to get another one.

i maneuver her to the kitchen where its less crowded and we can chat more with out being over heard. seems like it matters to her what these clowns think and they would not aprove knowing of her kinky side.

i get us both a drink and her eyes are glued to my crotch. i am starting to get a chubby now aticipating fucking a hadicap slut.

after talking more and her constant giggling, i suggest that we depart to my place and finish up the evening there. she tells me that she never gets out and wanted to hang at the party a little longer before doing anything else.

honestly i cannot even remeber her name, so i am going to call her gimpy, which i might have done last night anyways.

so i take her around to be more social with the other nerds. it seemed almost like she was showing off to the other small crowd of girls there like "look what i got bitches". i play along paying her enough attention and flirting, but not enough to cause too many people to react.

i can see that this is getting her horny from all the attention she is getting. it seems that she suffers from being invisable in a wheelchair and these young idiot guys have never even noticed that she is hot.

a couple of times i get a quick wink or notice her staring at me and touching herself a little too naughty to be in public.

on one of the runs to the kitchen we made i took a detour into the bathroom. and since i was pushing her chair, i drove her in first and shut the door behind me.

"heeeey' she says that was sly of you. i say "no", playing it off, "i have to pee".

she says "me too". she gets herself on the toilet first and takes off her pantys.

she is wearing a dress and i stand right in front of her which gets her attention right away and gets a little nervous. she says that she can't pee if i stand there.
i say "i can" and tell her to lift her dress so i can pee between her legs. as drunk as she was she lifted her dress up to her bra and told me not to miss and pee all over her.
i whip out the snake and start pissing. now instead of galking at my dick she is staring at her legs and how my pee is going past them and into the toilet.
i figure this out right away as i seen it before. i tell her to lean back, she does it right away and stares into my eyes. i start peeing on her clit and she does a little hip buck.

the sensation of warm pee and the pressure is just enough and after about 5 seconds she gives out a little grown that she is cumming. very quietly and without much fanfare her eyes glaze over and she reaches out one hand to steady herself on my sixpack of a stomach.
i have drank alot of beer that night so i kept on peeing hoping that she would cum again, but it didn't look that way.

i didn't notice but my cock was getting harder and bigger seeing her excited. i ran out of pee and she said "my turn" and stood up wobbly.
i didn't get it, so she pushed me down and i sat on the toilet. i then got it. she straddled me, i spread my legs so she could pee between my legs now.

having her this close and smelling her scent got me up to full length fast and she pressed her clit on the underside of my dick so it was sandwitched between us and started peeing.
i cupped her ass, which was surpizingly firm for a girl who sits in a chair all day. she let out a little squeal and kissed me passionately.
after she stoped peeing i lifted her enough to set her down on the tip of my rod. she arched her back and lean backwards at the same time. i lowered her and she started thrashing around a little. then more and more. i thought she was having a seizer, but by the time i got half way in she came again. this time she grabed my face and kissed me hard.

i was kinda liking this girl. she was getting sexier and sexier. i moved her up and down on my cock and she helped as best she could. mostly she was rubbing her clit on my pubic bone. after a while a got the rest of my dick inside of her, but it was tough as she has a tight little hole. by the time i got it all the way in she announced she was cumming again. and leaned back. when the gimp did this i could see how nice her body was. good genetics i thought.

i then stood up with her and she giggled some more. putting her down gently i folded her on the bathroom sink so her tummy was on the top of the cabinet and her ass was facing me. i sliped it in and it was on again.
i got her a litttle more wet and used some of that to try and put a finger in her ass. no way, it was too tight and she started squirming and telling me "nnoooooo".

i let myself get really close to cumming and just before i did i pulled out and pushed the head of my cock in her butt so i could cum inside. the gimp let out a yelp and grabed my wrists that had a good hold of her tiny waist sho she could not get away.
i could see in the mirrow that her face was beet red and she was pissed.

we got dressed and i explained to her that i didn't want to make her pregnant so i poked her ass. this didn't calm her down, she informed me that she was on birth control to regulate her periods and wasn't going to get knocked up.

the rest of the night was quick.. somehow the gimp got really drunk really fast. i snuck her out and into my van. she pasted out on the ride home. i got her naked and in my bed. laying there all horny listening to her sleep i rolled her on her side and fucked her some, but it was no fun so i plopped her on her back and jacked off on her tits. that was better.

i woke up the next morning to the gimp panicing about how her dad was going to kill her for staying out all night. i calmed her down, gave her a good excuse and we had a leisurly morning fuck. she has a way of moving her hips that i like. it makes the head of my dick bump up inside of her that makes us both cum fast.

she is a sweet girl and i kinda like her. real gunuine and is tough enough to tell me off when she is pissed. i just wish i could remember her name or find her number.
oh well, she will call, they always do.

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